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Billing and Inventory Management Software

Billing and inventory management software enables small businesses and large enterprises to record and control daily accounts quickly and efficiently. Accounting software solution organizes all sales and purchase order of your organization along with income register and expense register. Integrated inventory management utility is capable of maintaining multiple Company records easily and accurately. Financial accounting software provides option to create item records, Parties information associated with each Company and also other specification such as color, shade, category, currency and group.

Business invoice and inventory management software facilitates to create item report, Ledger report, Sales order report, Purchase order report and Expense order report. Accounting management software provides file maintenance option for ensuring recoverability of created files with the help of backup and restore feature in case original data is lost.

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Key Features

  • Inventory control software organizes all sales and purchase orders of the Company.
  • Maintain income register and expense register of your Organization.
  • Software authenticates the user at the time of login.
  • Provides all options to update, add, delete, save records of Company, party or item.
  • Enable user to take print out of the created records.
  • Software avails facility to change control settings such as login name, password, print, security and invoice setting.
  • Generate various types of reports such as Item, Ledger, Sales order, Purchase order and Expense Ledger for desired financial year.
  • Easy to use explorer windows style interface.
  • Help file for providing user assistance in using the software.