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Internet Explorer Password Recovery and Password Unmask

Internet Explorer Password Recovery software provides the safest and the easiest solution for the retrieval of lost windows admin or administrator internet explorer saved password (auto complete strings) for Websites that includes for E-mail/Newsgroup accounts and other internet explorer password protected application (including online shopping, Magazine subscription, Web forms etc). They provides easy way to manage and shows the password instantly.

Provide easy way to manage and protect all important password ever entered on your computer PC. The Software is simple easy to use application for admin or website administrator and recovers all asterisks password in second’s time with multilingual password support. The program supports password recovery on Windows operating 98, ME, NT 2000, XP machines.

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Key Features

  • Recovers all Internet explorer saved Passwords list.
  • Retrieve E-mail account passwords/logins instantly.
  • All versions of MS Internet Explorer are supported.
  • Provide support for multilingual passwords.
  • Easy to use with user friendly GUI interface.
  • Restore password hidden behind the asterisks (******).
  • Allow to save password to the user specified location.
  • The software is simple and easy to use.