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Pro Data Doctor

Data Eraser

Data erasing software securely wipes and removes all deleted confidential personal important files and folders from the windows hard disk and USB flash removable media. The erasure tool permanently erases all critical sensitive deleted information and frees the disk space for the better system performance. Data Wiping program deletes unused disk space and cleans internet history files, temporary internet files, cookies, typed URL’s, Administrator’s Temporary Files, Clipboard Content, Recent documents, Network folder, Recycle Bin, System registry Traces, Windows Event Log and all deleted MS-Office Applications for the better system performance.

Data wiping software is very easy to use and support data recovery on windows operating system including Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, Server 2003, XP and Vista editions with or without any prior technical skills.

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Key Features

  • Wipe the unused disk space for better system performance of your computer system.
  • Remove unused space of hard disks, all internet activities including internet history, temporary files & folders etc.
  • Remove all system files including Administrator’s Temporary files, Recent Documents, System Registry Traces, Windows Event Log, all MS-Office Applications and other directories.
  • Wiped data cannot be recovered back by any Data Recovery Software.
  • Program supports FAT and NTFS partition hard disk drive.
  • Software provides easy-to-use Graphical User Interface.